Breaking Development: National Bacon Examiner

Regular (and bored) readers may notice I’ve just added a new link to the Other Places I Write section. No joke–I’m now kind of professionally writing about bacon.

So far I’ve only written two posts–my recipe for chocolate covered bacon and some tips on buying bacon to suit your needs–but I have a Lot of ideas for material. Later today I’ll be trying out a bizarre new recipe that popped into my head. Stay tuned!

I probably won’t always cross-post or link here, although I am aware that I have a small fan-base here and I’d love it if you’d check out my bacon musings. Full disclosure: unlike this blog, over yonder I do get paid very modestly based on some kind of page view matrix that I’ll never fully understand. So clicks to my links do, in fact, help me make money. I hope that doesn’t offend anybody, and I’m definitely not going to turn this blog into a big PR vehicle or anything.


One Response to Breaking Development: National Bacon Examiner

  1. Sig Fig says:

    The spontaneously generated “Possibly Related Posts” for this entry include: “Wake ‘n’ Bacon,” “Bacon! More bacon!” and, “HOLY FUCK!”

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