New Comments Policy

You may notice I now have a posted comments policy. It may seem unnecessary for a small personal blog, but I believe in having some official stance if I’m going to be the kind of person who deletes comments. And, apparently, I’m that kind of person.

It’s hard for me to ignore someone being wrong on the internet, but I’ve decided my resolution this year is to try to be less invested in online arguments. It takes so much energy for so few positive results. I love online interactions among my colleagues and my friends, and I love the chance to feel like I’m part of queer and feminist communities when I participate in the blogs I love, but I’m tired of arguing with random drive-by strangers who only seem interested in provoking well-intentioned people like me who just happen to disagree with their views.

Queer people deserve equal rights. Women should be able to determine their own reproductive choices. Racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism and transphobia hurt us all. These are some of the things I believe. If you can’t disagree in a civil, respectful way, find another blog.


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