Every once in a while one comes across a book that is simply too delightful not to share with the world.

Genevieve Antoine Dariaux wrote such a book.

Specifically, in 1964, Dariaux penned Elegance: A Complete Guide for Every Woman Who wants to Be Well and Properly Dressed on All Occasions. From the front jacket flap:

From A (Accessories) to Z (Zippers) here is a truly comprehensive encyclopedia covering every item a woman wears or carries and describing how each may be selected for quality, attractiveness, and appropriateness. From the proper length of gloves according to length of sleeve, to the correct use of alligator and mink, to complete wardrobes on a minimum–and maximum–budget, to planning for a country weekend or southern cruise, this book is filled with common sense, stimulating suggestions, and reliable advice.

Because I’ve waited 26 long years to learn the correct use of alligator and mink, I’ll be tweeting choice gems from Elegance all day. And possibly longer–I suspect there’s gold in them there hills, and it may take me longer to mine it all. You can follow all this in my Twitter stream or by simply following the #elegance hashtag. (…Which is apparently in use in kind of a spammy way by fashion tweeps, but perhaps you can look past those.)


One Response to Elegance

  1. I agree; this little book is a treasure.

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