Speed Enforced by Aircraft

Day one of the Epic Road Trip 2010, having opened shortly before five this morning, is coming to a close. We’re in our seventh state for the day, which only took us about 13 hours.

Observations from the day:

While Massachusetts (and presumably some other states; I can vaguely remember this being true in Oregon and Idaho) considers wearing your seatbelt to be the law, and Virginia espouses said law as a law (we can live with), Pennsylvania is oddly possessive–it’s our law.

I don’t think the temperature got below 96 until well after dark in North Carolina. Everywhere else temperatures were solidly in the 97-102 range.

Virginia claims to enforce its speed limits via aircraft. I won’t deny that aircraft could monitor speeding violations, but when was the last time you saw a speeder pulled over by a chopper?

Virginia also still has pump locks in gas stations. You can actually buy a soda while pumping your gas. It is lovely.

Tomorrow: more driving, with some planned camping in Alabama. The spot we have in mind doesn’t keep any of its maps online, with the exception of the motor vehicle map–which “is black and white and does not provide much information besides the roads and trails open to motor vehicles. It’s not a very good map for recreation orientation use.” Thanks for the honesty, Alabama!


One Response to Speed Enforced by Aircraft

  1. human says:

    I think the way that works with the aircraft is they radio the cops on the ground to tell them which cars to pull over. But I’m not positive as I do not have any direct experience with it.

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