Breaking Development: National Bacon Examiner

May 30, 2009

Regular (and bored) readers may notice I’ve just added a new link to the Other Places I Write section. No joke–I’m now kind of professionally writing about bacon.

So far I’ve only written two posts–my recipe for chocolate covered bacon and some tips on buying bacon to suit your needs–but I have a Lot of ideas for material. Later today I’ll be trying out a bizarre new recipe that popped into my head. Stay tuned!

I probably won’t always cross-post or link here, although I am aware that I have a small fan-base here and I’d love it if you’d check out my bacon musings. Full disclosure: unlike this blog, over yonder I do get paid very modestly based on some kind of page view matrix that I’ll never fully understand. So clicks to my links do, in fact, help me make money. I hope that doesn’t offend anybody, and I’m definitely not going to turn this blog into a big PR vehicle or anything.


Review: The Baconator

June 21, 2008

A disclaimer: I don’t eat at Wendy’s all that often. It’s not that I really have something against Wendy’s, although a good friend of mine used to work there in high school so I certainly avoid certain menu items (like the chili. Please, do not order the chili. You shouldn’t anway, but please, just don’t). I just don’t consider it in the top tier of fast food. The fries (always so salty!) and the Frosty are the main standout items, and that doesn’t make the most balanced meal. I’ve had burgers with lettuce that tasted like chlorine, and yet I keep coming back. Read the rest of this entry »

Bacon is for lovers

May 19, 2008

This weekend I found myself mostly alone, so I decided to splurge and buy myself nice things to eat. I would’ve photodocumented the delightful BLT twist I concocted, but I was a little too busy snarfing it at the time. Still, for the benefit of other bacon lovers out there, a recipe:

Supertasty BBT

2 slices tasty bread (I prefer sourdough, myself)
2-4 slices bacon (to fit your bread; mine took 4)
brown sugar
tasty tomato
basil leaves (again, to fit bread–I needed maybe 6?)
sharp cheddar (optional; I only had Cracker Barrel, which isn’t ideal, so I went without)

Lay your bacon out on a foil-covered baking sheet. Sprinkle each slice liberally with brown sugar. Bake for 6 minutes at 425. Rotate the pan and cook for another 4-6 minutes, depending on how crisp you like your bacon.

Fork-mash avocado with juice from 1/2 the lime and salt & pepper, to taste. Spread on one slice of bread. Lightly mayo the other. Layer bacon, tomato, and basil. Savor.

Note: for those with sensitive teeth (due to some combination of a weird filling and probably less than stellar flossing habits, one of my upper molars is insanely sensitive to things like honey, jam, and other sticky sweets), sugared bacon might be a problem; the sugar caramelizes into kind of a syrup or a glaze on top of the meat. Extremely tasty, but potentially dangerous.

Restaurant Review: Dogwood Cafe

December 13, 2007

So after a round of dogwalking in the cemetary, I offered to take the Sig Fig out to lunch. We settled on the Dogwood Cafe because it’s quite close to the residence of said dog, and because it’s one of those places we really want to like. It’s a step down in pretentiousness and style from the Alchemist, but I think we want to like it for some of the same reasons: good beer selection, a cozy atmosphere, and general convenience. Unlike the Alchemist, however, the Dogwood doesn’t have stellar service to keep us coming back despite mediocre fare.

We walked in at perhaps quarter after twelve to find the place totally empty. By the time we left there were two other tables of lunchers, but the place was by no means hoppin. You’d think such a dearth of customers would lead to snappy service, but you’d be totally mistaken. It took forever to get two simple sandwiches, one of which didn’t even require any cooking. (Mine, for the record, involved bacon. And grilling. And a side of fries.) Our waitress was pleasant enough, but didn’t acknowledge that we’d aged several years before our food arrived.

As for the food, it was sort of ho-hum. The Sig Fig’s veggie wrap was quite tasty–good selection of veggies, well-dressed without being overdressed. But then there was the issue of the bacon bit on her pickle (note: actual bacon bit, not vegan bacon imitation often sprinkled on salads) and the piece of what appeared to be sausage in the second half of the sandwich. I guess we should feel lucky that she ate that half second, or she would’ve enjoyed significantly less of the wrap. Despite being an omnivore myself, I can really viscerally empathize with a veghead biting into a piece of meat. It’s just gross, and there’s not really an excuse.

My food was decent, if totally uninspired–a turkey blt panini, with some very decent fries. (Sea salt makes all the difference.) I couldn’t help but compare to the last blt I’d ordered, which was some time ago at James’ Gate. That version wasn’t grilled but came on a delightful ciabatta roll, had some herbed mayo for zing, and was all around much tastier and fresher.

Oh, also? They probably make their own pickles, and they’re not very good.

Thus, the Dogwood Cafe receives a rating of “we’ll probably end up here again, but maybe next time we’ll be in the mood for beer and pizza and be sort of fine instead of mildly disappointed.”