Why I Love Google Voice

September 21, 2010

Because voicemail transcripts like this show up in my inbox:

Yellow. Yeah. This is an automated voice message from jet blue Airways. Your, Mary go bye. Yes important information on a change to your scheduled flight. Yeah may be helpful to have a piece of paper and pencil to write down your new flight information, your flight number. Gyro, Yeah. 9. Yeah to yeah 3 y’all, November 10th your partying. Yeah, Boston, and arriving in your condo your flight number. Gyro yeah. 9. Yeah too. Yeah 2 yeah. On November 14th. Your partying your condo. Yeah, arriving in Boston. Yeah has been changed. You are now confirmed on flight number. Yeah, 0, yeah. 9. Yeah too. Yeah 3 y’all, November 10th. Yeah, Departing, yeah, Boston, at 7:34 PM, Yeah, arriving in your condo at 9:23 PM, Yelena number. Gyro, Yeah. 9. Yeah 2 yahoo y’all, November 14th. Yeah, Departing, should condo at 7:10 PM, Yeah, arriving in yo often at 10:20, 10 PM, yeah we hope this new flight means with your needs. Yeah, we look forward to serving you, yeah. By.

Both wildly inaccurate, and grammatically incorrect! Now I totally want a gyro.