Okay, but Other people can’t have them.

July 7, 2006

I love the way Bush’s answer to the Korean “missle crisis” (I’m sorry, but this doesn’t seem like a crisis to me) is to call for international solidarity, then have a press conference wherein he lists off the morally superior countries (US at the top of the list, of course) who aren’t setting off their missiles. Uh, okay Mr. President, I guess we’re not setting them off now. But presumably when we were developing the technology we tested them, right? I mean, we have missile test sites, right? And I’m pretty confident we still use some of those–a 60 Minutes story one one of our island holdings comes to mind, where the residents really wished we’d stop testing our damn ammunitions there. (Granted, this was a few years ago, so for all I know we have stopped in that particular locale.)

I’m always a little surprised at how flabbergasted we are when some other country has the audacity to try to equal the playing field. What? Other countries have weapons?! Okay, yes, relations with Korea at the moment aren’t the friendliest, so maybe we should be concerned. But don’t you think Korea might just be a little concerned, too? They’ve seen Bush herald in a new era of war without congressional mandate. Who’s to say we won’t try another pre-emptive strike elsewhere?

Of course, the other part of the story is the fact that the missile fell out of the sky after forty seconds. Military experts say this isn’t uncommon, and my favorite professor apparently made a bet with a woman in his town a while back who was extremely worried about the Korean missiles. He bet her fifty bucks it would drop in under two minutes.

Addendum: Just heard a news bit that apparently prohibits us from testing nuclear weaponry, which leads some to question whether our stockpile is actually functional. Huh.