Review: Himalayan Bistro

October 4, 2008

A friend tipped us off to an Indian place in Rosi that delivers on orders over $25, and we figured we could easily hit the mark between the three of us. So despite my cell phone dying, we managed to order.

And then waited a really, really long time for our food.

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Review: BBQ Town

July 23, 2008

If you like meat, you will like BBQ Town. This isn’t to say that you couldn’t find something on the menu that is not, in fact, made of meat; only to say that if you’re an herbivore, you might not want to get take-out from a place whose logo is a pig wearing a straw hat.

I’ve gotten BBQ Town delivered quite a few times, and I’ve never been disappointed. My personal favorite is the pulled pork. I wouldn’t recommend getting the sandwich to go, as that can make for some soggy bread, but if you get it as a dinner it just gets to sit in its juices next to some tasty sides. In that arena may I suggest the mac & cheese (done right, but doesn’t keep well; keep in mind that the portion sizes generally include leftovers for the lunch the next day), the cucumber salad (simple salad of cucumber slices, thin onions, vinegar dressing and dill), and the stuffing (not the traditional Thanksgiving stuffing, this comes with carrots and green peppers).

Aside from the pulled meat, I’ve also had the wings. These are extremely deep-fried and can be a bit messy, but they’re oh so tasty with the signature BBQ sauce. I also know people who like the swordfish, but why you would order fish from a BBQ joint is sort of beyond me.

I should also give a shoutout to the cornbread (available as a side, and comes automatically with the dinner combinations), as it is most and tasty.

You can really order any portion you’d like here, from a bucket of chicken to the smaller under-eight-dollars dinner combos.

All in all, I give it a rating of “anytime I feel like having BBQ delivered. Also, MEAT.”